Who Needs Data Centers?

Even if you don’t realize it, data centers have become a crucial part of our modern, internet-driven society. As companies and individuals alike produce and consume an ever-increasing amount of data, the need for advanced facilities that can process and deliver this information becomes more important than ever. It should come as no surprise that many companies find that choosing to work with the largest data center providers can be the best option for achieving their goals.

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But who actually needs data centers? Here’s a closer look.

The Rise of ‘The Cloud’

Not that long ago, the vast majority of individual and corporate data was stored on the user’s computer. If you had several pictures that you wished to store digitally, you would upload them to your computer and place them in a file. Similarly, companies would keep spreadsheets, presentations, and other assets safely tucked away in a file within their computer hard drive.

Over time, however, our increased usage of computers and other digital devices resulted in individuals and major companies alike producing more data than could be stored on their devices. To offset this problem, information is now usually instead sent to “the cloud,” where it can be easily accessed by an internet-capable device without consuming limited hard drive space or driving up one’s own network costs.

A Modern Solution

While you may not need to store data on your own device anymore, that information has to be stored somewhere — and this is where data centers come into play. Data that goes to the cloud will ultimately be stored at one of these centers, where it is readily available when needed.

Public data centers are found around the world, with tech giants like Google and Amazon using several warehouses filled with large computer servers to manage the incredible swaths of data produced by their customers each day.

However, private data centers are also rising in popularity as more companies turn to cloud computing. In these cases, corporations will typically turn to a specialized data center solutions provider who can guarantee the security and availability of their information. Built-in redundancies and other tech options ensure efficient results, while also reducing data costs for the businesses that rely on these services.

So who needs data centers? In today’s connected society, all of us depend on these technological facilities in one way or another. Whether you store your music collection through Google Play or use a data center to protect valuable corporate assets, you can thank data centers for the convenience and security you enjoy when storing information on the cloud.

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