Top Car Websites

Cars and technology have always gone hand-in-hand, so it makes sense people would get their information from the web rather than from magazines or the increasingly outdated newspapers. While television shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour are also tried and true ways to get your car news, those shows can’t be updated as quickly as a website can. Of course, there’s news and then there’s practical information about owning, selling, and maintaining a car. So where do people turn to when they want to get the best in information? Let’s find out.

Information and Sale Websites

Edmunds, Auto Trader and KBB top the list for trusted websites that give you the information you want to know before you buy or sell your car. Sites like Edmunds may not slam cars into the ground for being horrible, but they will tell you what’s bad about a vehicle in detail. Auto Trader is a good space to have your used car seen by the right people, and KBB is a good place to visit before you actually price the car. Everyone wants to get the best possible vehicle at the best possible price, and these websites do an excellent job at jump starting your search or sale in the right direction… especially before you decide, “Do you need a car in New York?

Racing, Parts, Insurance

Websites like Auto Zone, Nascar, and Progressive are also far up on the list of popular car websites. Most of the top choices suggest that people are far more interested in the practical matters of owning a car rather than the flashy gizmos and gadgets car companies get so hyped up about. That is of course until you consider the Nascar website coming in the top 10. When it comes to the public’s interest and their habits online, people are more interested in just how fast cars can go rather than how they can keep them safe with the right policy. Hey, there is no judgment on the web. (Except for when there is.)

Car Companies

Ford, Honda, and Chevrolet all come in next. These popular cars sold in America all come with their own benefits, and potential car owners want to see what’s new out. Of course, these car sites are biased. Ford isn’t going to tell you that the 2018 Explorer and the 2017 Explorer look exactly the same because their designers were lazy that year. And Honda isn’t going to describe their Civic as boring, even if most people think it is. So, there’s little wonder that these websites don’t crack the top 5 on the lists of popular car websites. Still, once a smart buyer has done their research, they can certainly check the company’s website before they make it to the dealership to start the test driving process.

News, Rentals and Gas

Finally, we get to the news sites. Car and Driver and Motor Trend are the places people check to find out that Mercedes just came out with a car that does your taxes (this may or may not be true.) Enterprise seems to be at the tip of everyone’s tongues when it comes to renting a car, and Gas Buddy lets every driver know how they can save their nickels by getting rock-bottom prices on fuel. Not too shabby for the bargain hunters of the world.

Wherever you decide to visit on the web, remember that there are many ways to become a better driver that have nothing to do with chat forums or blog posts. Defensive driving classes can be found online — classes that can lower your insurance and keep your license clean.


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