Top 5 Downloadable HQ games for your PC

crysis 3PC gaming has and will always be an endeared segment of the gaming industry, one that is replete with die-hard fans and connoisseurs who await with bated and anxious breaths for new arrivals for them to experience. With the passage of time, the world of gaming has branched into many sub-genres and the complexity involved in each game has gradually risen and has culminated in the visually intense games such as Crysis 3 and BioShock. Below are five games, which are at the top of the food chain in the gaming industry recently.

5. Gone Home

Very rarely does one come across such creative and engaging works such as Gone Home. The game’s concept is simple. You are provided with a character that returns home and finds it empty. The game is basically the exploration of that home and the exploration of the home provides clues and information about the people who live there. The game is beautiful in its simplicity. There are no traditional fights, enemies or opponents that the character is up against, the goal of the game is simply information collecting. It is the honest manner in which the game progresses and the detailed writing of the game which provides the ingredients which, along with intelligent voice-overs and narratives, gives a phenomenal gaming experience. An experience which is beset upon the thrill of discovery rather than short stabs of adrenaline.

4. Grand Theft Auto V

The GTA franchise has launched a new installation in its stable of massively successful games. The new game features a world that is significantly more detailed graphically and feature more depth and structure than the other games. Being well scripted, the storyline is engaging and the game has an incredible amount of playable objects such as cars, doors, etc. The realism of the playing world is perhaps the greatest improvement and a lot of time may inadvertently spent in simply exploring Los Santos, the fictional city in which the game is played in. The only complaints about the game are a few details and references which are dated in relevance, such as 80s movies and their clichés or the financial meltdown of 2008. Even so, the sheer joy of blasting through the streets of Los Santos, rampaging your way to oblivion more than makes up for it.

3.  Borderlands 2

This game is all about roaming around a lonely planet with a lot of vicious people kicking major butt along the way. There are cars that catapult barrels, numerous gun upgrades and a lot of hilariously funny missions like one called, ‘Shoot This Guy in the Face’. Featuring off-beat humor and adventures across their world of Pandora, the makers of Borderlands have provided a wonderful world where a lot of really psycho and wacky characters wreak havoc whilst on missions. The game is very good as a multiplayer game featuring quite possibly the best co-operative play element as well online play.

2. Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game centered around the theater of war. You play a sort of general who has the resources and the manpower of the army and you are required to tactically win the contest. The game is rich in detail with accurate firing sounds for weapons and tanks. The intensity of a battle where your infantry is being fired upon by an enemy sniper, the wait for an ordered artillery barrage on the sniper, full on assaults with tanks, building resources and supply management, the game is intense in how easily it becomes enjoyable. There is an overabundance of conscript soldiers, or standard soldiers, and that perhaps makes the story-mode a tad too easy. Online though, or in the Skirmishes and various other modes, the game regains its intensity by providing various scenarios that require quick decisions and careful planning.  Visually too, the game is detailed, with buildings disintegrating in the face of shelling and tanks blowing up, all visuals are crisp and entertaining.

1. Crysis 3

The final installation in the current Crysis storyline brings us back to the story of the incredible nano-suit wielding, Prophet. Equipped with the nano-suit that gives him what are basically small superpowers, Prophet fights aliens in a dystopian urban New York. Vegetation overpowers the surrounding and the game is set in a world that is a mixture of the Urban as well as the Jungle environment. Whilst Crysis was in a jungle mode, Crysis 2 was set in an urban landscape, Crysis 3 is the culmination of the two. In the game, a dome has covered New York and greenery has overpowered the previous desolate destruction. The game play is smart and challenging and adeptness brings about a satisfaction not found in many other games. The game’s primary selling point though is the beautifully done graphics that are the crux of its motive. This is perhaps the most detailed visual experience possible for gamers. The high end nature of the graphics make it work only on very high end computers but for those who can, this is a must.

There are many other games such as Devil May Cry, Dead Space, Alan Wake which are not on the list but are hugely entertaining games and well worth a look.


Toby is a gamer and has been for the past twenty years. While he is not sitting at his computer or console clicking away with impunity he writes columns for the gaming audience, sharing his experience and expertise with the world. His audience consists of developers, gamers and critics alike as Toby continues to explore the vast recesses of the gaming industry.