Top 5 Apps To Improve Sporting Performance

We all strive to improve our sporting performance. Whether it’s running that little bit faster or hitting that shot a little harder, we all dream of being the best we can. Maybe we all can’t be Mo Farah or Serena Williams, but we can certainly try. And with smartphones offering more apps than ever before, we can get that one step closer to being the athlete we want to be.

Sporting PerformanceWe take a look at the top five apps to turn you into a better athlete, or at the very least, that little bit fitter than before.

Leadbetter Golf Training Tips

You’ll be itching to get out on the greens after downloading this app. Coaching the likes of Ernie Els and Nick Faldo, David Leadbetter brings his legendary training advice to this extremely useful app. With hints, tips and 20 different video lessons, including advice on your swing that helped Faldo win six Major, there’s no doubt you’ll reap the rewards out on the course.

Lessons range from posture to grip, to driving the ball further along that fairway. If there’s one thing this app isn’t, it’s below par.

Coaches Eye

A popular choice amongst athletes and coaches alike, Coaches Eye offers a range of different tools to help you up your game. Making analysing your performance easier than ever, you can review your technique with a series of tools including video recording, drawing tools and sharing methods, meaning you can get expert opinions from even your friends.

Full Tilt Rush Poker

Taking the game of poker beyond the tables, the Full Tilt Rush app allows you to play anytime, anywhere. Perfect for both beginners making their way in the game on the low-stakes table and established players who wish to test their hands against the best alike, this app gives you the chance to qualify for live tournaments, as well as picking up some tempting prize pots.

Nike+ Running App

For any person remotely interested in running, this app is a must have. Brilliant for improving your sporting performance, the Nike+ App has everything in abundance. You can track your route via their GPS system as well as see how you progress every day using statistics which show your speed, time and mileage.

With the added extra of ‘Power Songs’ for when you’re flagging, load up Eye of the Tiger now and hit the road.

Pat Cash Tennis Academy

Pat Cash has six career titles and reached number four in the rankings during his career. Now he’s passing his impressive knowledge on to you. Guiding you through a series of techniques to improve your game, including perfecting the backhand, serve and lob, Pat Cash’s Tennis Academy also takes you through the biomechanics element of the game.

Download this and you’ll have the mind of a champion, as well as the forehand.

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