Tips on Getting a Domain Name

When most people start out, they use a blog, not necessarily a website. Some of them have not even heard of domain names much less to get one. Others are accustomed to having someone else do the technical work for them, so they do not bother trying to figure out what it is. 


Advantages of having Domain Name

Some people buy a domain name before they start their website. There are several benefits of having a unique domain name. Whatever domain name that you have created, it is yours. One benefit of having a domain name is that you can change hosts as many times as you prefer. A further benefit of having a domain name is that when you send an email, you will be promoting your website instead of other ISPs. 

Moreover, web traffic will increase when you have your domain name. People will return because they will remember the name of your website. You can also use custom error pages to prevent visitors from leaving your site due to broken links and other errors. 

Types of Services and Tools with a Domain 

After getting your domain name, you will have 24-hour customer support. You will also get a professional email address. You will get a chance to configure a website for yourself, or you can have someone do it for you. They have various designs for your site at your fingertips. Additionally, you will get an offer for web hosting. 

Marketing Tools

Moreover, you will get tools to market your business online in that you will be able to submit your website name to the major search engine directories. You will learn how to do SEO marketing, PPC, and email marketing. All the tools can become available when you create your website. 

You will get linked to all the social media sites such as Google Places, ChaCha, Yahoo, and Twitter. Other sites include Facebook, Google, MerchantCircle, and several others. Once you post your blogs, you can also automatically link your posts to those sites by configuring it on the dashboard. 

Tools for Merchandising

Another tool that you can use after creating your web page is eCommerce. You will learn how to sell your products online. Part of the package includes creating an online store. The package comes with an online catalog, free templates, and a mobile option. 

The shopping cart is reliable and secure. You will be able to do your merchandising and offer promotions. You can customize the design of your page from a list of templates. You will be able to control your inventory from the online product catalog. You can add, edit, or delete products. There is also a mobile eCommerce to use with smartphones. 

In conclusion, once you get your domain name, you can start to create your web page. Once you have purchased the domain name, it is yours, so you can change hosts whenever you like. When you own the domain name, you can direct traffic to your personal site. After getting the domain name, you will have access to 24-hour support.

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