The QuickSurveys Guide to Market Research

Let’s take a look at what is required in order to conduct market research. The following tools have proven useful to professionals:


  • Keyword Search: You can easily use search engines to find particular keywords that people are using to search for the types of services or products you are offering.  You can see how much interest there are in these keywords and you can even find your competitors.  Keywords searches also help you find product niches you may have not thought about.
  • Blogs: Compared to traditional websites, blogs are updated more frequently and because of this can be used to gauge public opinion.  You can search blogs by using blog search engines like Nielsen Buzz Metrics Blogpulse or Technorati.  Blogs usually update at a quicker pace and are more informal so you are more likely to find a new type of product or service.
  • Check Competitor Links: You can use a traditional search engine to search for your competitors in order to see their offerings and their prices.  You can simply type their name into a search engine and find out how many other websites are linked to their site as well.
  • Conduct Online Surveys: One of the best ways to gauge public opinion is with online surveys.  These are not as controlled as in-person surveys but they are low cost and they can give you an idea of what customers find appealing.

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