The Florida Tech Accident and How We Can Keep the Roads Safer

Earlier this year, Florida Tech fans lost placekicker Alex Brack in a tragic auto accident. College football fans have been honoring the player’s memory with memorabilia bearing the number 92, from car magnets to jerseys and moments of silence before Florida Tech games. The best way to honor the junior’s memory, however, may be to make an effort to keep Florida’s roads a little safer. Here are some ideas:


Keep Your Car Up to Date

If you drive an older car and you’re not able to buy a newer vehicle right now, get it fixed up with some newer features. A rearview camera, full air bags, antilock brakes. Anything that will bring it up to code. As a bonus, this will also help to keep your insurance costs down. In fact, insurance discounts are a good compass to follow for safer driving: If it brings your insurance costs down, it means that you’re less likely to get into an accident, and vice versa.

Practice Regular Maintenance

Get your tires rotated, replace them when they start going bald, keep your fluids topped off and clean. A minor issue with your engine might not be a big deal if you catch it going five miles an hour out of your driveway, but out on the highway, a flat tire or squeaky brakes can result in a serious accident.

Attend Online Traffic School

A driver’s license means you’re allowed to drive, but it doesn’t mean that you’re any good at it! Taking an online traffic school course can help to keep you a little safer out on the road, and, again, it will bring your insurance costs down. Discounts will vary from one provider to another, but having completed an online course will mean that you have a lot more options when shopping around for a great deal. Basically, if you’re a safe driver, insurers will bend over backwards to get your business. Yes, you pay them less than someone with five accidents on their record, but they see you as a low risk: You pay them, and they’ll probably never have to replace your totaled car.

Don’t Loan Your Car Out to Just Anyone

Your sister needs your car while hers is in the shop, and you know that she’s always been a safe driver? Fine. Go ahead and loan it out. Your neighbor who you’ve never talked to before needs it? Uh… maybe think twice about that. You do not want to have look up the steps to pay a Florida traffic ticket online that isn’t yours! Even if your car is some clunker you got for six hundred bucks at a police auction and if you never see it again, the borrower would be doing you a favor, you don’t want to contribute to someone who might be driving your car unsafely. Know who you’re lending your car to and how they behave on the road.

Keep an Emergency Kit

A first aid kit, road flares, and an emergency cell phone should help you to get through an emergency safely should something happen. Keeping our roads safe isn’t just about preventing accidents, but knowing how to respond should something happen to minimize the damage done by the crash.

It’s everyone’s job to keep the roads safe, to drive to the best of our abilities, to ensure that we know how to handle a motor vehicle. If you’re on the road, you need to make sure that you’re part of the solution, not part of the problem. An online traffic course might only take you a few hours, and it could save someone’s life.

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