Technology and Exercise: Friend or Foe?

More and more, we as a society have transformed the way we live. Thanks to advances in technology, we are now all able to see the benefits of living a healthy life vs a non healthy life. We are able to track calories, count steps, and calculate BMI through an app. While all these things are amazing to have access to as a consumer, what does it mean to the gym owner, nutritionist, or personal trainer? Do they no longer have a leg to lean on when it comes to trying to compete with things like Fitbit, iHealth and other easy-to-access apps?


Technology is a powerful force; one to be reckoned with. While it helps us achieve so much, and has changed so much around us, there is always going to be a risk vs. reward type of situation. Is technology a friend or foe when it comes to exercise?.

I think we can all agree that an app will have to be pretty amazing to replace an actual person, place, or thing, but there are apps that help make things better, For example, if you are a small gym in San Jose and you are looking to attract new clients, an app for your gym is a great way to do it. You can highlight trainers, new additions to the facility, new class offerings, etc. It’s an easy way to give your members a 24-7 inside access to your facility.

Another place where technology and exercise can work together is in the actual workouts themselves. If you are a personal trainer, you can use workout apps to your advantage by having your client “practice” on workouts in between sessions and you can control the way he or she receives this information. If you have a favorite app or online video you like, direct them to watch only this and let it be an extension of your training.

While technology can cause some conflict with the exercise industry, there are areas where they can work together. In this case, I would say technology is more of a friend than a foe.

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