Still Flying in a Sky of Cloudy Confusion?

Travellers and travel planners share one thing in common; they want accurate flight tracking information that may turn a sensitive piece of data into factors that change their plans. As a traveller, you get your airline ticket with the departure date and time. Nevertheless, when you finally get to the airport after dealing with the city’s traffic, you find that your assumption to have planned your route with enough anticipation, was all in vain because the flight was re-scheduled to depart before or after the initial departure time.

This happens all too frequently when you are in charge of a travel agency and your customers request information on flight arrivals and flight departures that only an accurate, real-time flight tracking system can retrieve efficiently.




This happens all too frequently when you are in charge of a travel agency, where your customers request information on flight arrivals and flight departures that only an accurate real-time flight tracking system can retrieve efficiently.

There are many aspects of travel planning, where individual travellers and the travel companies collide. There is only one service that can provide all of them with effective aviation data solutions; OAG Absolute Aviation Advantage.


OAG is a leading aviation information company, with 80 years of experience in airline schedules and flight status databases; they offer some of the most powerful flight tracking and travel planner tools that are easy to implement in an existing flight information system or travelling distribution channel. Even the small business owner that runs a simple website may benefit from these tools! Some of these data solutions are as simple as real-time flight alerts and are sophisticated, yet easy to implement; they can be customised to feed Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and Websites.

Make Your Choice and Dissipate the Clouds


OAG has a suite of products tailored for the frequent and occasional traveller. From live flight tracking services to international and domestic schedules, the choice is completely down to you. You can finally gain access to those tools you have dreamed about.


Among the most remarkable OAG products, you will find:


  • OAG Travel Planner Pro, a fabulous online travel itinerary service that allows travel companies and business travellers to put together complex flight and multi schedules.
  • OAG Flights, an online tool that displays worldwide flight schedules in real-time. This tool includes a flight status look-up tool, updated on a daily basis.
  • OAG Flights2Go, in a world that lives on the go, a mobile website-based tool like this is the right solution for the traveller that needs flight tracking and flight status information, no matter the location he or she is looking up.
  • OAG Flight Guide, a monthly printed publication that provides travel planners and planner arrangers with supplementary information of flight schedules, flight timetables and low-cost carriers schedules. A must have for travel agencies.
  • OAG Pocket Flight Guide, this is a smaller print version of the above guide, focusing primarily on regional flight schedules and useful supplementary information. This guide is available for different worldwide regions including the Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

These tools are merely a sample of the aviation information and flight tracking tools that you can access via OAG.

Play Safe and Bon Voyage!

There are many other flight tracking tools out there on the web, as there are also countless desktop and mobile applications to query flight status and flight schedules. None of them, however, can empower you with the information that a database with over 4,000 airports, more than 900 airlines and millions of flight transactions per day can afford. Best of all, the information that you retrieve using any of the OAG flight tools is always updated and provided in real-time, so you will never miss another flight or spend long hours waiting for a delayed flight that has not yet arrived.

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