ShieldMyTeen: A Smart Assistant for the Smart Parents

ShieldMyTeen is relatively new to the market, but for a new candidate, it’s pretty special. It offers most of the features that are expected to be present in a parental control app, and they all work seamlessly to protect your kids from the negative side of internet. Let’s dive deeper into the many features of this app to understand just how exactly it ensures a child-friendly web experience on Android devices.

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Delivers Browsing Details

Knowing what sites kids visit should be your first priority because until you become aware of the problem, you can’t come up with a viable solution. ShieldMyTeen can prove to be a huge help in this regard as it can help you keep tabs on the web activity of your kids. It shows you what kind of sites they’ve been visiting. If you notice that they’re ignoring all your lectures on safe and responsible use of technology, and are instead sneaking into the dark and shady corners of the web, then you can take whatever action you deem necessary.

Blocks Inappropriate Sites

There are all sorts of sites floating on the web, and chances are your kids will eventually stumble across, or rather find their way to the wrong ones. They are more than likely to watch porn, or even find themselves staring at content that glorifies drugs, violence, self-harm, etc. This is where ShieldMyTeen can come in handy as it enables you to block these sites with ridiculous amount of ease. If you discover that they’re visiting inappropriate sites, then you can simply block access to them.

Tracks Location

Another brilliant feature in this app is of location tracking. With its help, you can see the location of your youngsters at all times. It provides you with real-time check along with historical logging. This means that you’re able to see where your kids had been throughout the day, as well as where they are at that exact moment.

Monitors SMS and MMS

SMS and MMS are still pretty popular sources of communication in the modern day, so having an eye on them certainly helps. As you’ve probably guessed already, ShieldMyTeen lets do just that. You are delivered details of each SMS and MMS that’s sent and received on your kids’ phone so that you can ensure that they aren’t engaging in inappropriate communications, especially sexting.

Offers App Management

There are all sorts of apps available for Android devices. While some are pretty harmless, others can expose them to some pretty nasty stuff. ShieldMyTeen allows you to mitigate this threat to a large extent by letting you specify which apps your youngsters can access, and which they can’t. This includes everything from games and gallery to messaging apps, call app, and web browser, etc.

Allow Remote Management

The best part about ShieldMyTeen is that it doesn’t require you to physically inspect your kids’ phone every now and then. Remote management is available, which means that you can monitor and manage your kids’ device using any device from anywhere and at any time.

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