Securing Your Domain for the Lowest Price

Setting up your business website takes a lot of time and planning- if you want it to turn out to be a site that not only generates interest, but generates sales and revenue. You want to set yourself up to receive traffic, but also to direct that traffic into convertible sales.


How exactly do you go about doing that? Well, as with any investment, you want to minimize your outlay while maximizing returns. To get into the world of websites, you will likely want to ease your transition by buying a cheap domain name. If you do not know what a domain name is, then this is the perfect place for you. If you do what a domain name is, you are probably going to recognize our domain provider and host instantly. GoDaddy is one of the most well known and respected domain providers and hosts on the Internet.

Through a partnership with Groupon’s Coupons right now, you can purchase your domain name (the address of your website) for only $.99. That is 99 cents. Not 99 dollars.

What’s even better, Groupon and GoDaddy are further offering $1 per month WordPress hosting, 25% off other forms of hosting, 50% off e-mail marketing services, and all other kinds of goodies. And that is just what is available right now. If you take advantage of what Groupon and GoDaddy are partnering to offer, you can practically have your site up for under $10.

Worried about quality? That’s a great sign. Not all websites are created equal. With GoDaddy, you are in great hands. GoDaddy is known to have some of the best customer service in the tech world- give a call and your query will be answered within minutes by a professional who will see your issue through start to resolution.

If you are new to building websites, GoDaddy is certainly going to be your best experience on the net. You will find quality service at low prices. GoDaddy’s unbeatable hosting is sure to set your business up for success, even if you are new to the world of Internet marketing.

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