Must Have iOS Gaming Apps For Your New iPhone

1 gaming i phone

When you get your new iPhone and head to the app store, it’s a little difficult to know where to start. You’re opening up a whole new world, like Wily Wonka’s chocolate factory without the snozberries and little orange people. But you’re in luck, as we run down the top five gaming apps for your new iPhone.


Frontline Commando: D-Day

1 front line

So it’s your first download and you’ve found a place in history. Ok, you’re not making history but you’ve been transported back to 1944 and onto the beaches of Normandy.

This third-person shooter offers a range of features, with all the detailing you’d expect from a console. A range of gameplay modes, including 145 separate missions, this app is the ultimate shoot ‘em up experience for both Privates and Generals.


Real Racing 3

1 real racing

Brought to you by gaming powerhouse EA, Real Racing 3 is speeding ahead in the rankings. One of the best free apps on the market, the glossy, mouth-watering visuals have driven Real Racing 3 to the top of the charts.


Despite containing a lot of in-app purchases, there is still enough content to make the app a worthwhile download, whilst the extensive use of real-world cars and tracks add to the simulation experience.


Rush Poker Mobile

The thrill of the velvet table is now brought to iPhone. Rush Poker is a fast and fun game, perfect for on the go and features both real-money and play-money game tables.

Unlike stand card game apps, when you play Rush you’ll discover a different table of opponents every hand you play; immediately being moved onto the next table if you fold. But before you rush to the app store to download this fantastic game, get fine-tuning your skills and pick up some tips and tricks by following a beginners tutorial.



1 x baseball

There are hundreds of baseball games in the App Store, but how many sling bananas at you to hit for a homer?

X-Large goes old-school video game with this ballpark effort. A bright, welcoming display with a simple concept- smash the ball as hard and as far as you can.

Hitting the ball isn’t the only aim of this game though, and it’s likely to take some odd turns. Hit a space-ship and there are bonus points up for grabs. Hit the bananas and it’s the same outcome. Get lucky enough to reach 40 hits and you might find the pitcher starts to monkey around.


Bejewelled Blitz

Whether you’re sat in the office, on a train, or just sitting at home, there’s no better way to pass the time than playing bejewelled.

Bejewelled Blitz offers you all the enjoyment of the classic but with the added excitement of speed. The aim, to score the highest possible score in 60-seconds, is accompanied by a good amount of features and a simple swipe-based approach, making it the perfect partner for the iPhone.

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