Monitoring Employees at Work: Yes You Can… But Should You?

Just when the business management gurus provided the ever-elusive solutions for getting the most out of employees, along came smartphones to transform workplaces into fun places. Having access to the likes of iPhones with Wi-Fi connectivity have been giving them an ideal opportunity to indulge in social activities and web exploration at the expense of productivity, and if they’re of crooked nature, then they’re even able to data leakage and engage in malpractices without the fear of getting caught. Paying areas on the web like are bound to tempt you into giving monitoring solutions a shot, but the big question that looms is whether you should actually do it or not. Of course such behavior needs to be discouraged, and while employee monitoring tools lets you do that with unprecedented ease, it’s really not that simple. There are all sorts of factors that you need to take into consideration. It’s neither all good, nor all bad. Take a look at these considerations and potential outcomes, and then decide for yourself if monitoring employees in the workplace is the right decision to make.


A Solid Measure to Curb Time Wastage

Smartphones have become commonplace in the workplace, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. However, some employees take this privilege a bit too far and completely ignore the fact that they are at work. They spend most of their time talking to their friends, watching random videos, playing games, etc. This kind of behavior is contagious – people see one of the employees wasting their time, and follow their lead. However, if you have monitoring tool installed on their phones, then you’ll know about the time wasting and will be able to penalize that particular individual. When people notice that slacking off is not an option, they would stick to the assigned tasks.

Makes the Reward System Reliable and Transparent

People are afraid of monitoring apps because they feel that their privacy is being threatened. However, you can change that mindset by turning employee monitoring into a reward system. Just install the digital surveillance tool on all workplace devices and keep an eye on the activity of your employees. Soon, you will notice that some people at your organization are putting in way more effort into their work as compared to the rest. Reward these people and announce that anyone who works hard will get rewarded on regular basis. Promise of reward is one of the things that keep employees motivated, and with monitoring solution in place, you will have a much easier time separating high performers from those with lackluster performance. Soon you will notice that all of your employees are keeping their focus on work as they look to earn rewards and secure their job.

Creates Doubts About Your Competency

You have to keep in mind that not all of your employees are culprits. Only a few of them are wasting their time and you can’t punish all of them just because of a few bad apples. The people that have been keeping their focus on given tasks will not feel good about having their digital communications and activities monitored, and may start to perceive you as a weak individual who does not possess the ability to deal with some trouble-makers. So, before deploying a monitoring solution at workplace, do expect your managerial skills and competency to be questioned.

Don’t Expect Major Improvements

Monitoring solutions seem like they will take care of all of your problems, setting you on course for success. However, it’s not as simple as that. The employees might retaliate, get demotivated, or even choose to walk away. Just imagine the best case scenario – you have everyone on board, all of them are willing to be monitored, and you install monitoring tool on their devices – what change you really think will occur? Only a slight increase in performance is the best thing you’re going to get, and that too will not last for very long. Soon, people will get used to being monitored and will find different ways to dodge the employee monitoring system in place.

Having monitoring tool installed in the workplace is not that big of a deal. How you actually manage it is what really matters. If you are able to justify the initiation of employee monitoring policy and deployment of such solutions in the workplace, then by all means proceed. However, if you feel you don’t have what it takes to keep them both aligned, then it is better to give up on the idea for now.

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