Michael Thomas Eckhardt – 2017 Is Going to Be Great For Gadget Lovers

Gadget-loving folks like Michael Thomas Eckhardt are practically giddy at the thought of some of the gadgets that are rumored for release in 2017.  Among the most highly anticipated of course are new developments in computers and televisions – there have been incredible innovations in the last year, especially on screen technology, that are sure to blow us away. But not to be overlooked are some smaller but equally cool new gadgets.  Here are some of the coolest newcomers on the scene at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show.

The Polaroid Pop

Those of us who are of a certain age remember the Polaroid with a deep wave of nostalgia – and it seems that it may soon be capturing the hearts of a whole new generation of fun photographers.  Polaroid has reimagined its iconic camera famous for the instant gratification it gave with photos on the fly.  The Polaroid Pop fits in the palm of your hand and produces hard copy prints of digital pictures using ink-free technology in about a minute.

Motiv Smart Ring

For those of us who think that personal fitness trackers are too clunky or lacking in style to wear on a regular basis, the Motiv Smart Ring might be the answer.  Scaled down to the size of a discrete band and available in slate grey or rose gold titanium, this waterproof tracker can be worn easily on the hand as a slightly thicker than normal ring.  Monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns and steps via Bluetooth.

PowerRay Fishfinder

They have become regular features in the sky, and now drones have found their way under water with the PowerRay Fishfinder.  This little gizmo connects with your smartphone to bring you images of the fish in the area, along with the underwater landscape.  Believe it or not, it also has an attachment that lets you dangle a baited hook directly in front of a fish.

Levitating Speaker

We aren’t entirely sure that you need your speaker to float, but you can’t deny that it is pretty cool!  This little speaker from LG uses magnetic force to float over a base.  It connects via Bluetooth to your devices, and will last about 10 hours on a charge.  Not bad!


If you want to take personal tracking to a new level, you might be interested in these new BodyTrak wireless earbuds.  In addition to playing music, these high quality buds can also track your heart rate, temperature, VO2 and motion.  Data gets sent wirelessly to your devices.


Kolibree Ara Toothbrush

If you would like to spend less time in the dentist’s chair, this might be the gadget to help you do just that.  This toothbrush analyses your brushing habits with 3D motion sensors, an accelerometer and a gyroscope and sends the data to your devices to help support your dental hygiene.


These are just some of the coolest gadgets that should be on the shelves this year.  Be sure to keep an eye out!



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