Live Streaming on Social Media: Good or Bad?

Live Streaming on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has been introduced since January 2016, and ever since users have witnessed a full scope of humanity in the raw moments and instantly. Indeed, Live Stream has helped to bring families closer while they share their happy moments with abroad family members, however this new aspect of social media has also been quite threatening at times.

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Recently the Live Stream of a woman giving birth has shocked many viewers, while others found it courageous. Without any doubts, many viewers laughed while watching the Chewbacca Mask Lady live stream. But, things have taken a serious turn when viewers started posting everything and anything! For instance, videos of protests, shootings, beatings and horrible things have been posted many times, and have left many people stunned. For instance, many live videos show only one side of things, which leave many viewers puzzled and allowing them to judge people, not necessarily in a good light.

Given the situation, researchers have done a survey and have put forward that the unlimited violent live videos being posted on social media daily, can desensitise the population. For example, social media users are now more prone to live stream any crisis or happenings in their countries, instead of helping a person in need. Psychologists have also claimed that live videos can make people withdraw from the society as they no longer feel the need to get out, as they can have it all online and instantly.

All these comments and debates have been forwarded to the Facebook and Twitter Team. In an interview, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the purpose of live videos is to show things as they are for an audience.  He also claims this raw method is the new form of communication. As for the violent and disturbing videos, it has been stated that there is a Facebook Team available 24/7 to delete or restrict any inappropriate videos. In another interview, Zuckerberg confirmed that many such videos have helped to raise child abuse awareness, and many criminals and offenders are being found and punished through shared videos.

For instance, there are good sides of Live Streaming such as sharing a live birthday party with family and friends, or sharing a live concert for friends who could not be there.

Facebook and Twitter are both tools of communication, and live streaming do not necessarily make them bad… as it all depends on the way you use these platforms!

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