How to Maintain Your Smartphone Battery for a Longer Lifespan

Removable batteries are becoming rarer, making it increasingly important for gadget lovers to take care when it comes to the upkeep of their favourite tech. With smartphones getting smarter, our reliance on these pocket-sized computers is also increasing and a faulty lithium battery can present a real challenge. But how can you take care of your smartphone battery to ensure it doesn’t run out of juice and the lifespan of your gadget lasts even longer?

Battery Memory: Truth or Myth?

When discussing smartphone battery maintenance, one theory in particular crops up – many smartphone owners are taught that they have to train their battery’s memory to ensure that it knows how to reach its full potential by completely charging and discharging the model. Whilst the concept of battery memory is true, this theory of completely charging and discharging is only applicable to nickel-based batteries.  The majority of portable gadgets are run using lithium-ion batteries and must instead always be kept above 50% charged. It is however recommended that you complete one full discharge once every month to enhance your phone’s calibration.

Wireless Charging for Smartphones

Wireless charging your smartphone does have its advantages; however, a number of wireless chargers can actually do more harm than good to your battery. These wireless chargers tend to generate a lot of heat and as you read on you’ll discover that this isn’t exactly the best conditions for a smartphone battery. Opt for a standard plug charger to give your battery a better chance of survival!

Some like it Hot…

…but your smartphone battery certainly doesn’t. Create the optimum conditions for your battery by keeping it cool. Increased temperatures will cause your lithium battery to lose up to 6% capacity each and every year, which can take months or even years off the typical three to five year lifespan of a lithium-ion battery.

Brittany Thorley is a technology blogger, by day, he works for Steatite Batteries UK, a company who provides approved lithium battery packs and quality power solutions for the technology, environmental, military and industrial sectors.


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