How Tech Has Made it Easier to Stay Entertained

Do you remember when you had to arrange your life around your entertainment? If you wanted to watch a television show, you had to be at home when it aired. If you wanted to play a video game, you needed to find an arcade. Later, if you wanted to play a game with friends you had to find a time when everybody could be together and a way for everyone to get to that same location. Movies were consumed either at the theater or only if the video store had what you wanted in stock. Books were heavy and took up a lot of space in your bag.


If you don’t remember life like this, kids, ask your parents.

We are all glad that those days are over. Thanks to advances in technology, we can now be entertained however we want, wherever we want, and whenever we want. Here are just some of our favorite ways that technology had improved our entertainment lives.

Watching Television

Sure it’s nice to curl up on the couch in front of your favorite program when it airs. Most of us, though, are too busy to be able to do this on a regular basis. Thank goodness for On Demand and DVRs, right? Even better, now many of the companies that provide television connections offer live programming via their apps. For example, customers who subscribe to DTV in Houston, TX are able to tap into their television subscription packages with whatever devices they use to connect to the internet. That’s right, now you can use your phone to watch something live when you’re at a coffee shop, in line at the bank, or wherever!

Reading Books

All hail the eReader. Thanks to this amazing piece of portable technology, we no longer have to lug heavy stacks of books around with us when we travel. Most eReaders have the capacity to store thousands of books all in a single device. And, with most models if nothing you already own appeals to you, you can use the device to connect to the internet and buy or even borrow something new.

In addition to buying books, you can now check out library books on your eReader. Many libraries have partnered with OverDrive media or even launched their own apps to allow patrons to borrow books and read magazines via their eReaders.

Playing Games

There is more to game apps than Angry Birds and Words With Friends. Thanks to apps like Game Center, now you can play a variety of digital board games with friends in real time. Games like Lords of Waterdeep, Quirkle, Dixit, even Zombie Dice can all be played via mobile operating systems. There are even RPGs and MMORPGs that have apps available. And, of course, there are plenty of “five-minute” games to keep you occupied during boring meetings (don’t forget to turn the sound off!) or while you are on hold with your insurance company.

You can also watch people play your favorite games via Twitch–a live streaming service that allows you to connect your screen and broadcast what you are playing while you are playing it.


That’s right: technology has made it possible to enjoy a concert by your favorite musician without having to leave the comfort of home. Many musicians live stream their concerts these days. Other artists will use sites like YouTube, Twitch, and StageIt to play for their fans over the internet. The latter options also allow audience interaction and participation, which can be really fun.

There are also apps and services out there that will allow you to download or live stream live theatre productions for those of you who prefer the stage over the screen.

These are just some of the ways that technology has made it easier to occupy and entertain ourselves. As long as you have a good device, a fully powered battery, and a connection to the internet there is no reason you should ever be bored!

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