How can customer reviews help in marketing?

Did you know that Customer Reviews can make or break your brand image? If you had no idea, it is high time you learn about the same and also on how to tap the potential positively for marketing your brand to a bigger audience. Apparently, most of the people looking for products and services online are also influenced by the reviews available in the e-commerce sites and other social media and websites. According to some surveys, at least 88% of the online customers depend on ratings and reviews available online. Another astounding fact was that most of them believed in those reviews available online and relied heavily on them while deciding their purchases. The worst part was that 5% negative reviews among an 80% positive review also made many of them think twice about the particular brand!

It is not only about the purchase decisions!

Online reviews are also considered and influence the SEO web page ranking. This is one major issue faced by the SEOs who are paid and are bound to improve the page ranking in SERPs. The search engines count the quantity of reviews, the frequency, the assortment of websites from where the reviews are generated, the 3 party sites that have your reviews, their authority, velocity and volume all are taken into consideration for page ranking. In fact, customer reviews have become much more than their feedback. It has become an important part of your marketing and SEO too. And hence, there are enough reasons to keep away from negative feedback or resolve such feedbacks before it gets viral through the social media. Of course, you cannot avoid negative feedbacks altogether. But you can definitely find out the truth behind it and resolve it before more people take it up further by sharing it on social media. It will take many months of positive feedbacks and explanations before you can come out of the negative stint. It may even affect your page ranking also.

How to get these feedbacks?

The major source of feedback has to be your customers only. Engage with your customers through mailers, newsletters and social media campaign and encourage them to post their feedback on various websites or social media. Once the campaigns go viral, the search engines will also consider this data to some extend for page ranking. Your response to reviews also should be quick which will encourage more people to engage with your representatives with their feedback. You can later use these reviews on your website and for your digital advertising campaigns which can fetch you a vast global audience. But it is very difficult to get the busy customers to review your products and that’s where you can get the help of collecting reviews with the right content marketing platform which can be integrated with your software or mobile app to engage with your customers. What most of them do is to engage with the customers with emails or using app messages that offer simple ways of providing a customer review. They are so tempting that the customers usually leave at least a star review and submit with one of the pre-typed feedbacks. Some SEOs even engage in review generation also but if not carefully done, it will look very monotonous and Google will ultimately discard all of the reviews which may include the genuine ones too. The best way to follow is to engage with your customer via social media networks or through attractive campaigns like what Lays did a few years back.

How to make more out of your customer reviews?

You engage your customers and get some quality reviews for your website or products or services. This helps in page ranking and also influences your prospective customers in making the buying decisions. Is there anything more you can do with the reviews? Yes, you can share them on your social media and attract more customers. You can use these reviews in other marketing campaigns online and offline. If you have quality stuff to flaunt, do not shy away from flaunting the same. Use the reviews and feedbacks in an optimized way and keep them coming in regularly via continuous customer engagement.

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