Future Concept Cars 2020

The future contains exciting new automotive innovations that will bring forth a new sense of style, computer integration, and fuel efficiency to the likes we’ve not seen before. By the year 2020, we will see near perfection built into the cars we drive. Every eye doctor would agree that perfect vision is 2020, so that must mean perfect cars in the year 2020.


Ford Bronco 2020

Ford is bringing back an old favorite. It’s said to be based off an earlier model of the 2019 Ford Ranger, but still maintains what everyone loves about the Bronco brand name. Moreover, the Bronco is rumored to have a removable roof, in case you wanted a convertible instead. You won’t have to Bronco your bank account with this Ford 2020 concept as it is set to sell at $30,000.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup

Diesel fans will rejoice knowing that Hyundai is releasing a crossover pickup model for 2020. The concept is inspired by the Santa Fe crossover, but other details have not yet been released. Be on the lookout of the Santa Cruz Pickup if you’ve ever wanted a Hyundai crossover, but with extra steps.

The Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

Volkswagen is releasing a crossover coupe that is rumored to be powered by electric motors. The I.D. Crozz comes from a long line of classic resurgence in Volkswagen brand vehicles. This latest model comes with all-wheel drive, 300-mile range, and compact design. The only bad news is that we have no I.D-ea how expensive it is.

GM Electric Crossovers

In case you couldn’t tell, electric crossovers are on the rise for 2020. This model is inspired by the Chevy Bolt’s interface but has all the benefits of a new brand car. The FNR-X concept has about 200 horsepower with a range of 238 miles. Electric isn’t just what the car runs on, but also the feeling you’ll have driving it!

The Apple iMaybe

iMaybe don’t know about this next one. Apple’s Project Titan was created to manufacture a line of self-driving automotive vehicles. However, the project has been suspended despite the continuation of the technologies. The name of Apple’s first automotive innovation may have stemmed from consumer’s apathetic interest in their product. The only people set to purchase this car are yippies and mid-twenties aged writers – who want to work on their screenplays in route to their favorite coffee shop.

The Land Rover Road Rover

Red Rover, Red Rover please buy me this new Land Rover Road Rover. The name of this vehicle may be the worst quality about it. Land Rover is rumored to release a sedan model in the future. To keep up with futuristic innovation, the model is set to be mostly electric based. Land Rover’s newest 2020 concept is speculated to have off-roading capabilities as well. We’ve not seen another lover of Land Rover Road Rover.

No matter what car poison you choose, know to follow the rules of the road. Unless you pick up an iMaybe – then your car will have to know the rules of the road. If you’re ticketed for violating the speed limit or for reckless driving, know you can prevent your auto insurance rate from increasing by taking a traffic school online. Hindsight is 20/20, so be a defensive driver before you get a ticket.

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