Facebook groups that every car lover should check out

If you’re like most of us, you probably have a Facebook feed that is filled with friends and pages that you want to keep up with on a daily basis.

If you are a car lover like Robert Bassam, you probably have liked pages relating to your love of autos, but if you are looking to add more, be sure to consider adding one or more of the pages listed below.


1) I Drive A Chevy Cavalier


This may not seem like the most appealing group at first blush, but the fact is that most of us drive vehicles that are completely and utterly normal.

As such, the Facebook group entitled ‘I Drive A Chevy Cavalier’ is an interesting look into the attachments we develop to the most mundane automobiles out there.

Stories of how durable and surprisingly powerful this everyday car is can be found in abundance on this group, which will make a trip to the used car lot significantly more interesting the next time you decide to look for a value-priced vehicle.


2) Car Lovers Club


However, most automobile enthusiasts prefer to idolize the most beautiful and speedy cars on the market today.

If you count yourself among this camp, then signing up for the ‘Car Lovers Club’ will satisfy your lust for the curviest sports coupes that can be found at car shows and test tracks around the world.

Fans of luxury vehicles will be especially pleased with what they find here, as many of the pictures come from Dubai, where passions for these expensive vehicles burn brightest.


3) Obscure Cars for Sale


Have an eye for the unusual? If the typical assortment of sports cars & luxury sedans has left you wanting more, signing up for ‘Obscure Cars for Sale’ will give you a window into some of the more strange vehicles that are available for purchase.

From super rare variants of known car brands to custom builds that would boggle the minds of car executives that design cars for a living, those looking to stand out will find something here that speaks to them.


4) V.I.S.I.T.


This acronym will puzzle you at first. However, once you learn that V.I.S.I.T. stands for ‘Vehicles I Saw In Traffic’, its inclusion in this article will make sense to you.

If you are a fan of cars and other vehicles that look unusual but you aren’t in the market to purchase one, joining this group instead of ‘Obscure Cars For Sale’ will give you an outlet to share these sightings without having to address the fact that you aren’t actually selling it to other people.


5) That ’70s Auto Show


The 70s was an interesting decade in many regards, but especially when it came to the types of vehicles that were being made by car companies in America and around the world.

The Facebook group ‘That ’70s Auto Show’ offers a retrospective into the industry trade shows that were being held during that decade.

With plenty of photos showing scores of American muscle cars displayed on brilliant red carpet that likely hasn’t seen the light of day since that decade, it is sure to attract a few guffaws and giggles from you and your friends.

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