Benefits of Using Videos in Your Blog Posts

videos in blog posts

Most people feel as though a blog has to be written words explaining a business or idea. With advances in technology there are better way to get your message out to your viewers. Although many people do enjoy reading information from a blog, a video can enhance your message in minutes. You can use video to show how to do something rather than using pictures of each step or you can use video to entertain visitors of your blog. There are several benefits of adding video to your blog entries.

Be More Personable

When people read your blog, they have no idea who you are or what you look like. Creating a video to post to your blog allows you to speak directly at your visitors, which instantly makes you more personable to them. By being able to see you and hear your voice, they will feel more connected to you and your content.

Get Your Point Across Easily

If you frequently write blog content about how to do something, a video can make the learning process easier for your reader. You can create the content of your blog around the step-by-step videos. Videos are much easier to follow than still photos, which used to be the way to show visitors the steps of a project. By allowing them to follow the steps as you do them and explain them, they will catch on much more quickly.

No Typing

Although blogs are traditionally known for written content, the use of video blogs has become more popular. You will no longer have to type out each point you want to get across to visitors of your page. You can simply videotape your message and upload it to your blog. This saves you the time it would normally take to write out an entry while saving your visitor the time it takes to read the information you post. More people prefer to watch videos over reading the actual content for two reasons. The first reason is if you watch something, you are more likely to remember it and the second reason is it is much easier to listen to someone talk than it is to read his or her written word.

No Confusion

Reading a written blog can lead to misunderstanding between the author and the reader. By using videos, your reader can hear your tone of voice and determine your emotions relating to the post. Written words make it difficult to interpret the true meaning of the words because it lacks the tone used to relay the information. If a topic is controversial, the reader may assume you are angry when writing your blog even though you may just mean it as an informative piece about the topic.

Search Engines

Of course, the goal of every website is to be recognized by the search engines. Videos attached to your blog will increase your search engine visibility. Videos tend to grab the attention of search engines faster than written content, especially if you use the right information when describing the video. This makes using videos as a part of your blog a fun, easy and creative way to get your page noticed both by search engines and viewers alike.

Simon Brisk is the head of manual outreach at Click Intelligence a search marketing agency based in London, Bristol and Cheltenham. Simon writes about search marketing tips, step by step guides and his experience in the field of online marketing.