The Pivotal Benefits of a Managed Virtual Business Network

The globalisation of enterprise means IT and business leaders around the world require increasingly responsive IT infrastructure. As technology accelerates the pace at which businesses can lead through innovation, whilst at the same time reduce inefficiencies of workflow, an IT model is required that can service all levels of infrastructure – connected siloes, agile and […]

How to Maintain Your Smartphone Battery for a Longer Lifespan

Removable batteries are becoming rarer, making it increasingly important for gadget lovers to take care when it comes to the upkeep of their favourite tech. With smartphones getting smarter, our reliance on these pocket-sized computers is also increasing and a faulty lithium battery can present a real challenge. But how can you take care of […]

Remote Access for Mac Systems

Microsoft would like to think they have a monopoly on remote access. After all, they patented the Remote Desktop Protocol used by Windows back in the 1990s. And they’ve recently released an update of this software aimed at attracting Apple (and Android) users, Remote Desktop 8.0. But there are already been plenty of established options […]

Top Tips for Tech Addicts: How to Keep Your Hard Drive Safe

As every tech enthusiast knows, a gadget’s hard drive is an essential component and any damage caused to this particularly important computer part can lead to the inconvenience of downtime and cause dreaded data loss. As suppliers of rugged technology, we know the importance of keeping the inner workings of our favourite devices working correctly […]